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Hi, I'm Marianne, welcome to my website.

Before you embark on any new adventure, it is always good to get an idea of what you are letting yourself in for. No two counselling experiences are exactly the same, although there may be common denominators along the way. You embark on a highly personal journey, aimed at giving you new tools and ways of dealing with life and its many challenges and joys.

 I work as an Integrative Counsellor. This means that I use various models of therapy to fit the specific needs of the individual client. Some clients need quick solutions to immediate problems, others need to explore deeper and further to find answers. Often we already have the answers within, we just need somebody or something to trigger them to come to the surface. Counselling works as such a trigger.

 A counsellor does not give advice but helps the client understand their learnt patterns of behaviour, which prevent them realising their dreams and full potential. Feeling stuck, lost or in limbo can bring on feelings of sadness, stress, anger and sometimes depression.

The good news is: You have the power to change!

 A popular saying is "Change the thought, change the feeling".

 My job is to assist and sometimes guide you towards your personal empowerment. I provide a safe, caring, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which to explore freely those thoughts and feelings, which are sometimes too difficult or painful to share with family and friends.

 I offer a free initial consultation lasting 30 mins. This will help me assess the nature of our future work together and give you the opportunity to decide whether you wish to commit to counselling.

 If you have any queries or would like to discuss a personal issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or e-mail (see Contact page).

 Some examples of issues we can work on:


Self-esteem (lack of)

Assertiveness practice say what you mean and mean what you say. Stop saying yes when you mean no.

Feelings of isolation how do I fit in?



Finding its roots and how to dissipate it without attacking.


Stress Management

Finding causes and triggers of stress and how to deal with it differently (meditation, breathing exercises).


Relationship Difficulties


Repeating patterns (new partner = same issues). How to change without losing yourself.

Defining what you are looking for in that perfect partner by looking at what you yourself have to offer. How does one attract the right kind of person?


Loss and Bereavement

The loss of a relationship can bring on the same feelings of bereavement as the loss of a dear one though death.

Shock (numbness, denial) is followed by Protest (anger, why me, possible breakdown), then Disorganisation (what now, feeling lost, lack of direction) and finally Moving on (taking charge, acceptance, adjusting, forgiveness)


Unfulfilled Potential

Feeling in a rut, unable to make a decision.

Lack of meaning or direction in life.

Answering the existential questions: Who am I and where am I going? What or who is holding me back?