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I was born in Denmark in 1961, moved to Belgium (Brussels) in the eighties, and in 2000 I moved to live in Jersey, Channel Islands, with my lovely husband Steve. Having worked and lived in international and multi-lingual environments (I am fluent in English, French and Danish) has given me a wider knowledge and understanding of different cultures, behaviours, religions and traditions, leaving me with a non-judgmental attitude towards people. We are who we are. And we can change how we feel, act and react if we wish to.

 I have been interested in self-development since my early thirties, when my personal life was overshadowed by discontentment and lack of purpose. Through personal therapy I found myself, my inner core and eventually my long-term purpose in life: to inspire and assist others in finding their full potential. To be able to do this, I am continuously learning, training and evolving.

 I believe we never stand still and that change is inevitable. The question is: How long do we wait? How long are we willing to suffer before we realise we need to make a move? For some the process takes longer, for others the change happens quickly. We all move at different speeds and I have great respect for the individual's pace. Who says the Hare is happier because it might reach the goal faster than the Tortoise? Maybe the Tortoise learnt valuable lessons along the way?


Advanced Diploma in Counselling

Certificate in Counselling Skills

Bereavement Support Worker at Jersey Hospice Care (volunteer work)

Professional Membership of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy